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SpareRoom Statistics

SpareRoom has a huge amount of data on US room rentals, from average rents to supply and demand stats and more. Check back regularly for up to date stats, insights and analysis on what’s happening in the market.

Over 45’s are the fastest growing age group for roommates

February 2024 - SpareRoom analyzed data from 945,749 roommates over a 10 year period, which showed that in 2014, just 1 in 10 (10.3%) roommates were 45 or above, meaning the numbers have more than doubled over the past decade.

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Which is the best NYC neighborhood for roommates?

February 2024 - ​New York is the busiest city in the US for roommates. No big surprise there - it’s why the New York metro area remains the most expensive in the country.

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Rents hit record highs in 62% of major metro areas in 2023

January 2024 - ​​Data from the number 1 roommate finder SpareRoom reveals that roommate rents in almost two thirds of major US metro areas reached record highs in 2023, with 18 of the top 29 breaking previous records.

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Los Angeles is most likely to stick to Dry January

January 2024 - Infamously January is the month that people decide to give up drinking, otherwise known as ‘Dry January’. This may be for health reasons, to save money or simply to set a new challenge.

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167% increase homeowners taking in roommates

Data from the number 1 roommate finder, SpareRoom, reveals that there has been a huge rise in homeowners taking in roommates. Comparing January 2024 with January 2021 there has been a 167% increase in new people taking in roommates.

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Cities where you can save the most by having a roommate

Renters could save up to $33,000 a year by choosing to live with roommates instead of living alone. We compared average monthly roommate rents with the average monthly rent for a 1 bedroom apartment in the top 25 US cities.

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Baltimore is the top city for tech

Silicon Valley may have a reputation as the tech capital of the US, but according to new data from roommate site SpareRoom, that’s not the best place to go to find other like-minded tech enthusiasts.

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Atlanta is the top city for foodies

New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles might have the most Michelin stars in the US, but according to new data from roommate site SpareRoom, that’s not where you’ll find the real foodies.

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Denver is the top city for wellness

Los Angeles may have the reputation as the wellness capital of the US, but according to new data from roommate site SpareRoom, if you want to find people who are passionate about a healthy & holistic lifestyle, you’re better off looking in Denver, or Portland, or pretty much anywhere other than LA.

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