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Whether you're writing specifically about apartment sharing or looking at the wider picture around renting, housing and the changing way we live, SpareRoom can help.

We've got over 16 years experience in the online roommate market so can supply stats, comment and case studies as well as expert opinion and insights.

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Our team

SpareRoom founder Rupert Hunt

Rupert Hunt Founder & CEO

Rupert founded SpareRoom in 2004. He's a passionate advocate of apartment sharing and believes living with the right people beats living on your own any day. In 2016 he used SpareRoom to find two roommates to share his 300 year old London townhouse with 'pay what you can afford' rent and filmed the results for a YouTube series. He currently lives in New York.

Communications Director Matt Hutchinson

Matt Hutchinson Communications Director

Matt has been SpareRoom's media spokesperson since 2007 and regularly provides comment and opinion on renting, sharing and housing for the UK and US media. He spearheaded SpareRoom's six year Raise the Roof campaign, which led directly to the UK government encouraging more homeowners to rent out their empty bedrooms to combat the housing crisis.


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Looking for data for your latest story on renting? Check out SpareRoom’s quarterly Rental Index reports here.

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