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Moving day


Found a room? Got all the financials sorted?

Congratulations - you're ready to move! Now you just need to figure out how to get all your stuff to your new apartment.

If you can afford movers just do it - no really. Find a licensed mover (who's insured to cover any damage to your belongings) and let the pros get on with it. If you can't afford to, be aware you'll have the hassle of tight streets, honking traffic and plenty of other inconveniences. Make sure you've got enough pairs of hands to get the job done as well as an extra person to stand by the van so you don't get a ticket for double parking.

Also, make sure you've made arrangements to return your van or truck before the rental company closes, or find a cheap place to park it till morning. Commercial vehicles are banned from parking overnight on city streets in some cities (e.g. New York) and ticketing for this is a regular occurrence.


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Have a look at SpareRoom's useful moving checklist to make sure you've got everything covered.