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Moving out of your apartment


If you're thinking of moving out of your apartment, here's a quick checklist to make sure you don't miss anything important on the way out.

Giving Notice

Check your lease to see how much notice you need to give and make sure you put it in writing. If at all possible, leave on good terms - you may be reliant on your current landlord or managing agent for a reference for your next place.

Getting your security deposit back

This may take a while to be released. If you need to put down a fresh deposit on your next place in the meantime (as well as paying the first rent instalment in advance) it helps to have some cash put aside to cover you until you get your security deposit back. If you want it back in full, make sure there's no damage beyond the regular wear and tear you'd expect for the length of time you've been there. You should also make sure you remove all your personal belongings and trash from the apartment.

Taking your name off the utilities

If you've been responsible for paying for anything like electricity or cable directly, make sure you've discussed with your other roommates who'll be responsible for them once you've gone. You should give utility companies and your roommates your new contact details in case any queries arise.

Finding your replacement

If you need to find someone to replace you in your apartment you can post a free ad on SpareRoom. It's also worth searching the ads from people looking for rooms and contacting any who look good.

Finding your next apartment

You're probably already familiar with looking for rooms to rent on SpareRoom, but have you thought about posting a Room Wanted ad? Most prime tenants, landlords and roommates with rooms on offer will check these first before advertising a room, so you could be amongst the first to find out about them. If you haven't got a Room Wanted ad already, you can create one in a few minutes, or re-activate your existing one if it's still valid.