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Testimonials - what people have said about us


Press endorsements

The 5 Best Apps For Finding Roommates: SpareRoom: #1 app for finding a roommate


The concept is brilliant and is going to steal headlines


Looks like Craigslist just got a little competition

—FM News 101.9 a similar function to Craigslist, but with a more user-friendly interface

—Time Magazine

The logic is simple: put a few dozen people in a bar and let them work the room until they?ve found a compatible match.

—Time Out Magazine

Services like SpareRoom offer a unique experience. Unlike Craigslist, it?s a safer way to connect with potential roommates. All ads are personally moderated, plus the site hosts free weekly SpeedRoommating events, giving anyone on the lookout for a roommate the opportunity to meet potential candidates in-person and ask questions in a safe environment.

—Avant Credit Blog

SpareRoom moderates ads and profiles to weed out scams

— regularly hosts gatherings at local bars to help pair people looking for roommates


UK based SpareRoom is a site that helps connect roommates


Spareroom, the U.K.'s largest flatsharing site and a less sketchy version of Craigslist

—Refinery 29

SpareRoom: If you?re looking to save some time finding something new yourself and just want in on a good deal or existing unit, this is the place to go.

—Huffington Post

If you or an older friend or family member wants to find a roommate, make sure you do it through a company like SpareRoom.


From those with accommodation to rent...

If my roommate leaves in the spring you will be the first to know!


An exemplary first use story...first answer to my first ad - turned out to be the perfect roommate. That's all she wrote. Would use again, if or when needed. I have recommended to others.


Your service was the most effective in sending me real live people interested in the room I have to share. I received 10 requests in less than 2 weeks, and most were very qualified and of good character. Your app was easy to use, attracted lots of qualified candidates and gave me ample choices of potential roomies.


After using Craigslist for 8 years, I?ve downloaded the SpareRoom app and will now use this moving forward instead of Craigslist!


It's much better than Craigslist, the upgrade payment was worth it, I met great people here!


I love your site. I have used a number of sites in the past, and none have worked as well as SpareRoom! I will definitely use your services in the future.


Second time I've successfully found a great room (and then roommate) with SpareRoom - despite having other ads up. Thank you!


Great service, high quality people approached us about the room through the platform. Would list with SpareRoom again.


I had two rooms to rent and found tenants for both. thank you!!


SpareRoom's become my favorite roommate search site and I want to make proper use of it--Thanks for your help!

—Irene Schaub

I think your site is great! I had 4 ads on Craigslist at same time; the respondents from were a cut above; professional tech savvy people. Within 2 days I had two perfect candidates from several responses; either one would have been great.I would definitely use your site again and will recommend you to my friends looking for a room or roommate."


I am impressed with how well it worked THANK YOU I will use SpareRoom again!!!


Upgrading - Early Bird

As it was my first time using spare room, I don't know how I would have fared had I not upgraded to Early Bird. However, I had a successful result so am very pleased. I also advertised with a couple of other providers - but the response from SpareRoom far surpassed that of other sites. Thank you from a happy customer.

—N Duncan

Upgrading - Bold Advertising

I just wanted to say this site is FANTASTIC! I placed my bold advert on a Wednesday morning and within 20 minutes i had several calls and emails. In the end ive had 34 emails, 15 people interested and endless calls. Amazing - go BOLD! Best thing since electric windows! :)


I placed an advert for a housemate on and, after a couple of days with plenty of views but no enquiries, I decided to upgrade to a bold listing. Literally within an hour of doing this, I received a phone enquiry and just a few short hours later I was welcoming a new housemate into my house. Coincidence? Maybe, but I can't speak highly enough of my experience as a result!


Upgrading my ad certainly made a difference in finding tenants quickly. Many thanks

—T Maltese

I only had two weeks to find someone so having the upgrade to a bold ad really made a difference - we had so many enquiries the auto-response option came in very handy!


It made a big difference upgrading to bold/early bird. I have since had so many responses to the advertisement, that when another room became vacant it was filled within 2 days. I have been away for a week and un-contactable, and the amount of responses that I received during that time was amazing. I will definitely be using SpareRoom again and will immediately use your bold/early bird service. Thanks for everything.


It's $19 for 28 day listing on - had over 100 interested parties & booked in 17 viewings! Of course rooms both let in 1 day! WOW

—Clare Rayner

A great site which, when I upgraded enabled me to find a large number of properties to view. Upgrading certainly helped as it meant that other members could see my telephone number, and the room that I eventually took contacted me that way, rather than through the site or email. However, it's good that you can sign up without paying first, because that allowed me to have a look at peoples adverts and see if there was anything that interested me. As there was, I signed up. I was also using and found that was much better - it gave a lot more information, regarding the housemates, bills, deposit etc, and worked out cheaper

—S Lee

I want to thank SpareRoom because it has been cheaper to advertise through you than my local paper. My ads there were attracting the wrong sort of lodgers so I was burning so much in advertising - about $100 over a few weeks and not finding a suitable lodger.

—M Piercy

Thank you very much for your help. This has been so easy. I tried a couple of other sites which were recommended to me, with almost no response. This time I had a great deal of interest, and have let the room within a fortnight. I will be coming back to you when I need to replace my new lodger. It was worth the money for the upgrade.

—L Mallet

I moved onto the featured ads option which I must say was excellent, you choose the amount and the ranking is decided on whoever else is bidding.

—Graeme P, Live out Landlord

I find that paying for the bold ad and pay per click is what works for me. Keeping my ad at the top of the page and allowing everyone to access my details gives me access to as wide an audience as possible.

—"Busy Live in Landlord"

The featured add upgrade worked very well for me, very good value.

—Brian J, Live in Landlord

Fantastic. Having your advert featured costs a little more but well worth the money you spend. I got my tenant in 3 days and had more than I wanted queuing for a chance to come in.

—Francisco C, Current Flatmate

I am a regular user of the 'Featured Ad' listings, and I can honestly say that using this featured is a must. Without this option you are narrowing your audience dramatically and have a higher risk of a void periods, no-one like holes in their pockets when it comes to money. With this option you can make sure that your ad is at the top of the listings! The first that people are seeing in the area of your room/property! This can be a wide area, for example West London, or a more specific area such as Hammersmith. Look, at the end of the day, when all is said and done, if you want to make sure that your ad is seen, make sure you're getting the enquiries in and ultimately reduce your void periods, you need this. If there is no interest and no one is seeing your ad how can you fill it?! Featured Ads 'DO IT!'

—Acre Properties

The use of featured ads has been great in helping us to be at the top of the page for our local area and stand out from the rest of the crowd! We have noticed a significant increase in enquiries since featuring ads and even better, we get prompted via email if we want to increase our bids for our nearest city so that our Ads reach further out! This has been a wonderful addition as those who are looking in a particular city wouldn't usually think to search in our town. I highly recommend featured advertising and you won't be disappointed with the service from spareroom should you need any help or advice. Thank you Spareroom for all that you've done to help us source happy housemates!

—Bicester Living

Feedback on our customer service...

Really got to tip my hat to all of you...your customer service, fast reply to "Helps", and the whole logic of your site are such a relief! Thanks for trying to keep me calm as the calendar near hits 2014, I have never been so anxious, but you are there "Being Mother", pouring the tea.

—James Roe

What people have said about our SpeedRoommating® events

My time at the event was enjoyable and productive. Everyone I talked to was someone with whom I could see myself sharing an apartment. I left with three solid room leads and the numbers of two ladies to join me in apartment searching, if I decided to go that route. It?s also refreshing to conduct roommate business face-to-face.


Miscellaneous feedback

I found this site to be quite useful and also the people that I have picked were so nice and came from nice homes. I really do love your site. Thank you so much for all of your support and for being so professional at all times. It has been my pleasure working with you.


The website is easily navigated and Speed Roommating is run by friendly and helpful staff. You all have a lovely energy about your communications


The website is easily navigated and Speed Roommating is run by friendly and helpful staff. You all have a lovely energy about your communications


You guys are awesome!

—Gustavo Pacianotto Gouveia

Very satisfied - easy to use. Will recommend SpareRoom to a friend.


You're doing a very good job. I am very happy with you!!


Found a great apartment in New York using your website. Have also rented out a room in my UK house using the UK website!


Looking up rooms and apartments in New York. This site is pretty damn good


"Just wanted to say that I love! In New York it is a total crap shoot and I have always had a great experience through you guys! Continued success?and thanks again!"


This was my first time using the platform, and I will ABSOLUTELY use it again and recommend it to anyone looking for a place or roommate. In the past, I had only used Craigslist for rooms, which I had positive experiences with, but given the amount of spam I received for, say, selling furniture, traveling to a strange neighborhood to meet a stranger at their apt always made the process feel a bit risky or sketchy. But SpareRoom made the process worry and stress free. I love that you're able to create a profile as a seeker and offerer so you can get a better idea of the real person before meeting them. In fact, my new roommates found ME through my profile! We immediately hit it off, and I already feel like we'll become very good friends not just 'head nod 'sup' roomies. It made me feel a lot more comfortable with the process and despite moving end of Feb/beginning of March, there were a lot of amazing rooms matching my criteria!


I just want to say that I absolutely loved using SpareRoom. It relieved so much of the stress of trying to find TWO subleasers for my apartment -- a very stressful task. I loved the web app, the mobile app, the emails about potential matches, the push notifications, all of it. I especially loved your guidelines on how to stay safe. Incredibly refreshing to see. Thank you!


I found Spare Room NY to be easy to use and probably the most visually appealing of all the sites I utilized


I've had FANTASTIC leads from SpareRoom, it's incredibly user friendly, accurate, safe, I loved that the fee for the 7 day upgrade access was super affordable. Will use this app again and will certainly recommend to anyone in need.