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Why you need a Room Wanted Ad


The rental market in major cities is hyper competitive. There are always more people looking for rooms than rooms available, so the market favors the person offering the room. Why should the current tenant choose you as a roommate? If all you're doing is responding to room offered ads with a couple of lines saying you're interested they won't have much to go on. You need to give people a reason to choose you above all the other applicants. This is where Room Wanted Ads come in.

What is a Room Wanted ad?

A Room Wanted ad is your chance to tell people exactly what you're looking for. You can list details of the neighborhoods you want to live in as well as your budget and anything else that's important to you. A Room Wanted ad acts like your profile on a social network, except this time it's selling you as a great roommate. When you respond to advertisers they'll not only see your message, they'll see your Room Wanted Ad and have the chance to find out much more about you. With so many people chasing rooms you'll already stand out from those with no profile on SpareRoom.

Why do I need one?

It's a little known fact that most contacts made through SpareRoom are in response to Room Wanted ads.

People don't just advertise their room and wait for the calls to come in. Many also look through the Room Wanted ads to see who's looking in their neighborhood. SpareRoom also sends out thousands of email alerts every day to people renting out rooms, to let them know who's looking in their area. For many, this is the spark to making contact with a new roommate.

Having a Room Wanted ad also shows people you're serious about your search for a room.

Email alerts

When you create a Room Wanted ad you can also set up email alerts. Every time a new room matching your requirements is added to SpareRoom we'll send you an email so you don't miss out. You can get emails immediately or choose to have them collected into one easy to read daily mailshot. It's up to you.

How to post a free Room Wanted ad

It doesn't cost anything to post a free Room Wanted ad. Click on the link to get started. Here are a few points to bear in mind:

  • Include a photo of yourself - People respond to photos, so having a photo means more clicks on your ad and therefore more people seeing you.
  • Tell people a bit about yourself. If you're working, tell them what you do. If you're a student, tell them what you're studying. What do you like to do with your evenings or weekends?
  • Tell people what you need - Under amenities required, tick the most essential items. If you tick Garden/Roof Terrace because you'd quite like to have somewhere to sunbathe on hot summer afternoons, it's really going to restrict the number of matches to your ad. You could miss out on a great room (and roommate!) because that particular apartment doesn't have one.

If you're not sure how to get started, do a quick search and check the 'Rooms Wanted' button. Which ads would you respond to if you had a room to rent? Which titles and photos catch your eye? Take your lead from the most appealing room wanted ads you come across.

Post a free Room Wanted ad now