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UES Lenox Hill Luxury DM/ELE-Central Park 6 Blocks

Ad ref# 101157226

listing ref# 101157226  

Thank you for your interest in my spare room. I understand searching for a room in Manhattan is arduous, so, I tried to season my ad with a bit of humor as I was a comedy writer in the past. Sorry it is rather lengthy, but is replete with important facts about the apartment, the building, the UES and safety in New York City.

My UES Spare Room is a Huge size. It has a beautiful view of the Manhattan skyline and is appealing, charming, drama free, and a comfortable living experience that I made for my international students over the years.  But, I am also open to Nurses and Residents from one of the many nearby hospitals, Students, and amiable professional adults.

Cost: $1950 per calendar month with gas and electric, professional six days a week for common area cleaning & some cooking, laundry, shopping and errands.

  Internet and Spectrum Cable included (>600mb/s DL 33 UL), Silver package) We also have Netflix, and Amazon Prime and others including a genius machine that someone can view almost every channel in the world!   It takes patience to maneuver tens of thousands of channels but it is awesome to experience the news, sports, and entertainment of all places in the world, in the moment. It is so awesome it will intrigue even the most savvy entertainment enthusiast.

The room is open for a long or sh that will start short term or month to month if it is available.  Stay as little or as long as you desire or until you find your ideal home if your preferred period does not extend over a future roommate's.

Miss October 22 departed (sadly). She is a doctor and needed to return to her country but will return. Yuki, from Tokyo, was here for the Summer. He was so fun! He has a Special enthusiastic giggle when he would play his video games at two and three in the morning before he went to school. He is a semi pro computer gamer. I lived in Japan for most of a year and adore the Oriental culture and peoples. My Swiss student departed last month. He was the most cordial, nicest and well behaved teenager with the sweetest GF from Japan since they were both 9 years old exclusive! adorable couple, indeed. I cried when he left... The apartment so empty without him even though we only saw each other once or twice a month he was such a terrific young man but is in a different country now.

The room is vacant now. Let me know if you want want to be considered to be Mr/Ms April 2024 +. beyond.

Total size of unit: > 1000 square feet

Photos of Room for Rent are  13' x 22' in the room with the massage bed and small sleep sofa.  The room's entirety is more than 500 Sq Ft L in shape, with the private living room in addition. The room is 5 to 10 times larger than some of the rooms on Spare Room and has a lovely view. My area is in the back of the apartment.

The "Golden Rule" comes to mind when I ponder a prospective roommate.  "Do unto others as you would want them to do unto you".

~In addition~

I applaud:  Loyalty, Fairness, Noble Life Motives, Respect, Honesty, Integrity,  Conscientiousness, and Responsible Comportment.  

~ Dishonesty is a Pet Peeve ~
~ I do appreciate kindred spirits in Cleanliness, Optimism, Patience,  Thoughtfulness, and Promptness.

if these thoughts resonate positively, please, read on...

I am canvassing the possibility of, again, sharing space, perhaps with you?  Please, let me know about your requirements, desires, and about yourself.

The following is more about the room, building, amenities, location, places nearby, and me.

At the entrance there is a antimicrobe area where there is a selection of antimicrobial gel, peroxide, alcohol sprays, if you feel inclined.  There is also a large Andy Warhol Pop Art can brimming with umbrellas if you need to borrow one.  Andy was a former next door neighbor in Montauk, friend, dinner guest and host extraordinaire. Artistic Genius.

  If you want to bring your pet, I love animals and would, perhaps, enjoy in caring for your best friend in your absence if so desired.  The best animal hospital in the world is, The Animal Medical Center with a 24 hour ER and is 1 block and 1 avenue away. Kittens and Puppies, Parrots, Desert Foxes, and Otters are a real plus!

We have a new addition to the room. I thought being so close to Central Park the room should have a bicycle after learning how pricey the City Bike company charges per minute! So, for those bike enthusiasts, there is a beautiful 21 speed racer. Miss October rode around the park 3 times so it is still a shiny new red bike to explore the city!

I am very chill, accommodating, and easy going. (if you are not I leave a bottle of Ashwaganda near the Sanitizer.) It is the  adaptogen Indian Ginseng that calms anxiety, physical and mental stress. (and a superior tool while searching for a room)  next to the bottled water.   Great to begin and end your day!

I do not drink or smoke but don't mind if you do as long as it is done responsibly and does not affect me.  99.99% of my alcohol use is culinary.  I become "tipsy" taste-testing my sauces too early.

The Rooms are furnished. (if you would prefer a different furniture configuration I will call Anthony and he will move furniture to your feng shui preference to ensure you are in complete harmony with your surrounding habitat to secure your optimum chi energy.)

Along with the private bedroom, there is a bathroom, kitchen, dining and living room furniture in space.  There is a 7 foot couch in the living room and a sleep sofa in addition to a Queen sized bed, a Nectar Massage and Adjustable Bed ~ elevates your sleep experience to the next level with adjustable comfort, plus a zero gravity setting, dual massage, remote control and USB charging ports~ and a few of the high end automatic airbeds for guests with Calvin Klein pillows unused and many selections of high thread count sheet sets still at the original packaging awaiting your family ànd friends as needed.
  So, there is abundant  room for parents or friends brief visits.

I highly recommend this bed with the massage for those who are looking for a new bed.
Nectar seems better than my Hastens horse tail hair bed I had except the natural temperature benefits. The controls are remote for the adjustability raising of the legs and massage has many settings. and/or the upper body slant. is significant if you have an acid stomach. Gravity/antigravity. This prevents the acids moving to the upper G. I and beyond to the throat and sinuses.

The fluffiest Calvin Klein bath towels, and Turkish bathrobes kept in the bathroom, the bed and bath linens, are kept clean and pristine.  If you want to use the laundry card it is kept charged for your convenience.  

We mostly use superb crystal, fine china and sterling for a more pleasurable dining experience.  I am a chef and use mostly organic and the prime, healthiest ingredients. The room does not include a meal plan ATM, but, sometimes I share my culinary expertise if you are inclined or if you are a student and want many meals home made I can do that. I am usually up by 5 or 6 A M to make breakfast and can make an additional serving of my dinner. I can also help you learn how to cook if you are so inclined.  

As a rule most food that I prepare is kept gluten free with only a few exceptions.  Even my home made Pot-stickers, Baklava and flaky Spanakopita are gluten free. I use most nuts as they are very healthy.  Please advise if you have allergies.

My sauces are amazingly healthy, My Pesto is made with a combination of 3 or 4 Basils.  including Cinnamon Basil and Holy Basil. Sweet Basil and Lemon Basil some of which I grow on the porch during the summer months. I combine the Basils with Pistachio nuts, EVOO, salt, and garlic.  I leave out the cheese until I serve, (it avoids clumping while heating) I use pasta from Edamame, chickpeas, brown rice, hearts of palm trees or purple yams.  Juicing is my fav, mostly kale, cucumber, beets, Holy Basil, carrots, celery, green apples, parsley, and LOTS ginger to spice it up.  There is always a complimentary large bowl of fresh fruits pour votre sante!  mostly apples, bananas, oranges, kiwi and seasonal others.

Most times there will be a delicious homemade banana bread chocolated with cocoa powder with no sugar at all, just monk fruit to sweeten it. (pro tip for people who care about their health: The effects of higher sugar intake ~ higher blood pressure, inflammation, weight gain, Diabetes, and fatty liver. all are linked to an increased risk for heart attack and stroke.) It has in one slice as much protein as a hamburger and no gluten! I use a combination of nut flours, pumpkin protein, bananas, eggs, keto friendly and it's delicious!


 The Building is nearby most hospitals which are a few minutes walk, (If you happen to be interning.)
 The unit is on the 11th floor with a very sunny unobstructed view of the beautiful Manhattan skyline, There is a  large pristine laundry room, elegant marble facade, and lobby, 2 elevators, 24-hours a day doormen, video security, live-in super, friendly staff, And a Spectacular rooftop lounge area.

The Room is just four blocks north of Midtown on the East side, in a special, marvelous, enclave called Lenox Hill, UES.  It is the safest area in the elegant, dramatic grandeur of Manhattan.  It's  six blocks to Central Park and only a 3 minute walk to the sensational, newly-renovated portion of the Upper East spectacular Esplanade that features new railings, benches, planters and a new water station for running and biking enthusiasts.  And the Southbound portion is open now replete with beautiful trees mature and bushes and small areas of grass picnic benches and tables on view of the river busy with boat traffic.

The building is located on an impressive sized hill which is an important consideration living on an island.  It's not often, but, once every decade or so Manhattan has a flood. it has been 13 years since Sandy.

 10065 is the zip code in case you want to pursue an alternative location, albeit, in this splendid area.  10021 is also a remarkable locale, just a few blocks north with the same or slightly higher significant heights. My family that came from London has lived in NY since the 1700's.
Close by are amazing restaurants; nearby 2-5 minutes walk 4 star restaurants;  1 minute Imli and Moti Mahal Delux (indian), , Angkor (Cambodian), Ravagh (Persian), Felice64 (Italian), Maya (Mexican), El Porron, (Spanish), Zawa, (Japanese), Oaxaca (Mexican), Daniel, Daniel Bouloud's 3 Mich. Star restaurant just 2 blocks and 4 avenues away, David Burke 10 mins.  There is a 7-11 1 minute away and Starbucks is 3 minutes and, Pizza Park, one of the Best Pizza places in the city, is 3 blocks away.  Tao (UES), my favorite, is 10 blocks away. THE most amazing dining experience! A great place for those special occasions.

  There are also many movie theaters within a 10 minute walk. There are many sports bars always fun and filled with the students from Rockefeller University, doctors, and nurses from the several hospitals surrounding here, and  two minutes to Equinox, one of the finest gyms in the city, and an 8 minutes walk west to another neighborhood Equinox with a larger Olympic sized pool.  It's a three  minute walk to My Favorite Supermarket, Trader Joe's!  and another 3 minutes to Amazon's Whole Foods and Morton Williams.  So close to awesome shopping: Bloomingdale's is a 10 minute walk, TJ Maxx is 3 mins. The Home Depot is 8 minutes, Hermes and Barney's of New York is 12 mins.  close proximity to the superb shopping on Madison Ave and 57th St just are a few minutes walk.  Central Park is very close. in case you want to visit the amazing restaurants there. LOVELY!

It is a 5 minute walking distance to New York Presbyterian Hospital, Weill Cornell, Sloan Kettering, Hospital for Special Surgery, and Lenox Hill North Shore Hospital @ 64th Street. The room is 5 minutes from the Tramway, one minute walk to first avenue buses. three blocks away from the 63rd St. and Lexington Avenue Subway, two blocks away from 63rd Street and 3rd avenue Subway, and four blocks more to the 59th street and Lexington Avenue subway line. Its a 3 minute walk to Sutton East,  that is the ideal place to play tennis in NYC with 8 newly surfaced indoor clay tennis courts in a climate controlled environment. 
1/2 block to Rockefeller University and 7 blocks to Hunter College,  Apple, Chase, and TD banks are a 1, 3, and 4 minute walk.

We are just 2 blocks from an Express Subway stop (4,5,6 line) and Express and Local Bus on the corner. The subway will take you to Times Square in 5 minutes, and all the way to the Southern tip of the city (Freedom Towers - 9/11 Memorial) within 30 minutes. 59th street transit stop is close by (N, R, Q, W and the 4-5-6 lines all servicing up and downtown).  I shop in Chinatown for exotic foods, herbs, and spices and get there by Uber in 20 minutes using the nearby FDR Drive.  

~About myself~

I am an educated, artistic, fun person, complimentary healer, and capricious world traveler flying > 100,000 miles a year for most of my life. I  attended a Swiss finishing school, trained in Switzerland to be a chef, cooking Swiss, French, German, and Italian cuisine. In Bangkok I studied at the Hotel Oriental School, Thai cuisine, and in Taipei, Montego Bay, Jamaica, Acapulco, Mexico, and Rio, informally, from local chefs.  I also studied jewelry design (not for a vocation but, a hobby/artistic outlet my wealthy, generous friend owned a gold mine in California so I had free gold nuggets from the Eldorado Gold Mine for years and studied how to make unique jewelry for my friends and myself).  I enjoyed learning dress design in Europe.  I was fascinated with draping and pattern making. I also studied Japanese History, Culture, and Flower arrangements in Tokyo while I lived in Roppongi as a fashion model for, Rose Modeling Agency.  I also enjoyed studying the fine art of Chinese cooking in 10 of the top Japanese owned Chinese restaurants in Tokyo that my Swiss and NYC neighbor, Tak Gammo, owned.  I worked at an OBGYN free clinic that I started with my BFF/
Gyno and over saw on Park Ave. treating free those that were underprivileged. I studied Massage Therapy at The Swedish Institute and have a lifelong devotion for Aromatherapy, Herbal Medicines of Europe, China, India, Brazil, and biological frequencies or resonances, and Ozone therapy in Germany and Switzerland,  I worked/studied at Pasteur Institute in Paris for a brief time and was educated on many complementary healing arts of various countries.  (if you ever have the opportunity to study at the Pasteur, do it!) The foremost place to study.  A real delight with the most interesting volumes of early medicine!  Unsurpassed!)

I am a former model, actress, singer, I had a rock and roll band in my youth and I was a television presenter in Tokyo.  I have been a drama coach, comedy writer, photographer,  (I even had a highly coveted press pass thanks to Roy Cohn,) because I saved one of his best friends from death with my herbals, exercise, and a good diet.  I was a member of the Actor's Studio since I was a teen as Elia Kazan, his wife, and his children were my dear friends and I hosted the always exciting Wednesday all Night Actor's Studio Poker Parties with all of the celebrities after they took everyone's key privileges away from the original building on 44th Street.

 I worked most of my life for several charities (not for a salary). Princess Marcella Borghese was my mentor for many years in Switzerland and in New York. She introduced me to the fundraising not-for-profit in my adolescence.  I have worked diligently throughout my life raising hundreds of millions of dollars in the USA and several other countries championing, orphanages, clean water, human rights, child rights, hunger, diseases and was given an award for my help with a dolphin study using a wild pod
to heal several maladies, including with a doctor from the Netherlands and an old friend from Tokyo that organized the events, owned all of the boats, buildings, etc.  I have brought many movie stars, rock stars and models to charitable events and hundreds of times to visit children in the hospitals to brighten their stay. Christopher Reeve, Superman, was my hero in this milieu.  He came to dozens of my events raising millions for all of my charities while he was able.  Steven Seagal was my most intriguing conquest!  I actually was successful for his appearance at The Doral golfing event in Miami for the Boys Town of Italy.  I also had him visit the adorable deluxe orphanage in Rome where he spent all day with the boys.  His photos with the boys are still on the wall if you are ever in Rome and want to visit. (charity work is my most rewarding endeavors!)

I trained in Switzerland to be a med tech, nurse/doctor's assistant for the leading stem cell therapist in Switzerland, in the Valise where I trained in many of the specialized machines  (Ozone Therapy, MORA Therapy, (which is a holistic diagnosis and treatment), also the Vega Machine at the clinic) and was an assistant in medical research conducting  and co-funding studies using stem cells and other complimentary natural medicines.  Fascinating!

 I am very fun, congenial, and flexible.  I am not opposed to an occasional “sleep over” or visitor if said visitor is previously announced, familiar, harmonious, and continuously attended.  Please, No "love-at-first-sight" overnight guests!  

Noise factor is not an issue, really, because the inner walls of this building are especially thick, made of thick solid bricks. and fabulous for studying/work.  I do have a worker here 6 days a week to do the repetitious mundane tasks 9-2pm.  She does make a little noise cleaning, juicing, cooking, etc.

Please, do not hesitate to inquire further.  Leave your phone number so we can have a chat if you think you would like to discuss the room...

It is certainly a challenging project relocating in New York City presently...

May Peace find your Special Space,
That discord will find No Place!

May Desire lift your Heart,
So pain will have No Start!
May Elation be in such supply,
that searching tears quickly dry!

Soon, your new room will be filled with harmony, laughter, and joy!

May the Good Lord be with you down every road you roam.
And May Sunshine and Happiness Surround YOU When You Find a New Home!

Good luck on your journey and remember to choose a safe area as there are many migrants who are gang members and work in groups of 3-10 and one distracts and another steals you cellphone. keep your cellphone safe and out of view of these criminals. This is very new and they will find and arrest these people and send them home but don't fall victim to their crimes. .
The safest zipcodes are 10021 and 10065. The worst is the Times Square area. Stay Safe, Know, Times Square is a fascinating site seeing adventure but it is dangerous with many violent and disturbed people who repeatedly injure visitors randomly for no reason. They are arrested daily and released too easily the following day only after a few warnings of assault. It's very underreported that you can find many lose articles about the migrants beat up police officers killing them and they're not afraid of anything! New York City is still the best city in the world but stay in the safe areas...Please Stay Safe! I noticed an improovement daytime hours in the Times Square area since they have noticably been cleaning it up there.

Kindest Regards,

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