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A large room on the 4th floor with a closet is available for rent. It is located in the southwestern part of Inwood, Manhattan. I am almost sure that the apartment building where I live is the best of all the apartment buildings in New York City that were built before 1960. You can go to Midtown express by subway, bus or train. My neighborhood is Manhattan's hidden gem. It should be noted that most people who have lived in my apartment do not want to leave Inwood. Therefore, it can be said that if you are looking for a place to live with total convenience, coziness and real nature, look no further. The advantages of living in my place are as follows.

+1 The nearby station of the A train is below the building where I live. You can reach 42nd Street from this station in 30 minutes, since the A train runs express. It is easy to go to Midtown East too by transferring from the A train to the B, D, E, 7, L or M trains.
+2 There is a bus stop of the express bus BXM1 nearby, which will give you a comfortable ride to Midtown East.
+3 You can go to Midtown (Grand Central Station) by Metro North Railroad, though its station is a 20 minutes? walk.
+4 There is a very large super market that is open 24/7/365. This store is on the opposite side of the building where I live.
+5 There are several banks in this neighborhood; Capital One Bank, Bank of America, Chase Bank, Citibank, TD Bank etc.
+6 Dyckman Street is a gourmet street. Namely, there are so many restaurants in this neighborhood.
+7 Fort Tryon Park is a great park nearby where you can enjoy walking or jogging. You can enjoy a splendid view of Fort Tryon Park from this room. There is another large park named Inwood Hill Park nearby, where the nature of Manhattan still remains.
+8 The toilet in my apartment is always very clean. More than 50 % of the men in the country from which I come sit on the toilet stool to urinate so as not to dirty the toilet and I do the same.
+9 There is a closet outside of the room, which is a good point in that the space of the room can be used very efficiently, since if there is a closet inside the room, it is virtually impossible to place a bed, a desk etc. before the closet. The room is spacious enough to accommodate a full size bed, a desk, a chest of drawers, a bookcase etc.
+10 This building is a barrier-free building, which is exceptional as an old apartment building.
+11 There will be no task (cleaning the common area etc.) for you to do as a co-resident, and even so there will be no cleaning charge to you.

The detailed description of my place is as follows.
* You can also use the 1 train, and its nearby station is 3 blocks away.
* The room is unfurnished. Please know it is much better to use your own furniture that you like, except for a short-term stay.
* There are two bathrooms in my apartment. The south bathroom will be shared by the renter of this room and me, while the north bathroom is used by the other resident. The shower head is powerful, and you can take a great shower like rainfall. The bathroom has storage space enough to keep your much bathroom stuff. The bathroom has a toilet paper holder for your use only.
* A large kitchen and a large refrigerator will be shared. There are three storage spaces (two cabinets & one rack) for your use in the kitchen. You can also hook four pans in the kitchen.
* It is nice and warm in this apartment in winter.
* Since this room has two windows on the south side, you can do sunbathing in this room in late afternoon without going to beach.
* This room has three windows, through which cool natural wind enters this room from Fort Tryon Park in the summer season. So it is possible to live in this room comfortably in summer with a window fan and a room fan, if you are a person who is not susceptible to hot temperature. As a result you could save much money. Of course, you could install a window air-conditioner to this room.
* It is possible to lock the door of this room from the inside. A large mirror is attached on the inside door of this room.
* There are six elevators in this building. The building has six sections, and each section has an elevator that moves smoothly.
* There is powerful laundry facility in the building.
* The rent includes only water and heating. Internet connection can be provided at a reasonable price. My Internet speed is very fast (200 Mbps).
* This building is very well maintained. This neighborhood is really very good and safe.
* A non-smoker only.
* A 1 year lease is required.
* It is rare that I have a visitor, and I do not party at all. I like a quiet life. A roommate who has a person stay overnight is not welcome.
*This apartment adopts a shoeless household policy as one way to reduce indoor exposure to outdoor pollutants. This is a good household custom under the coronavirus pandemic, since the virus will be attached to shoe soles. You can wear sandals or slippers in my apartment. Ample shoe storage space will be provided to you in the hallway. It is possible to keep seven pairs of shoes/boots in your shoe storage.

I am looking for a roommate who is conscientious, responsible and clean, and keeps the terms written in the lease agreement. I am quiet and responsible, and respect your privacy. I am reliable and considerate. An Asian woman and I, who am an Asian man, live in this apartment at present. The living environment in my apartment is really comfortable. I want you to view my place and realize the superiority of my apartment in this rent range. If you are interested in my place and want to view it, please let me know with your answers to my following questions.

1. Where are you living now?
2. Why do you want to move to a new place? When do you hope your new lease will be started?
3. When will your current lease expire? How long have you been living in your current home?
4. What do you do by occupation? How long have you worked for your current employer?
5. What furniture do you have?
6. When is convenient for you to view my place?

  • Apartment share
  • Inwood
  • 10034
  • Dyckman St Station
    (0-5 minutes walk)
  • $900 monthly (large)


Minimum term
12 months
Maximum term

Extra cost

Utilities included?
Fees apply?


Disabled access
Living room
Broadband included

Current household

# roommates
Total # rooms
40 to 67
Any pets?
1 Female, 1 Male

New roommate preferences

Couples OK?
Smoking OK?
Pets OK?
Min age
Max age
Female preferred
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