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1bd -3bd condo. 3.1 mi from Irvine Spectrum Target

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Ad reference no. 102472058

Looking for 3rd condo-mate in Laguna H.
Own room, own toilet and sink,
shared shower stall - bathtub space with a man in his 30s. (A Costco worker who often takes shower around 11PM)

$850 per month plus partial utilities from electricity, natural gas, and water ($35 to $100(someone forgot to turn off the AC a few times) per person.)

Parking 2 yards from the front door.
Laundry (washer and dryer), and refrigerator (2 shelves, and 6 x 11 x 14 inch freezer space.) and kitchen cabinet and dish drying space.

15 steps down to ground floor. (count on using it at least 4 times a day.)

*** Please text and introduce yourself ***
Current driver license/ID
Work info (preferably $850 is less than 50% of your income)
and 2 personal References (people who know you for more than 9 months and one may act as your medical emergency contact. I will call the work for 2 minute, and chat with the References for 3 to 10 minutes.)

House rules:
1. Outdoor shoes off for certain areas of the house. (Asians are used to taking off outdoor shoes at home.)
2. All trash baskets need to be lined with air-tight plastic bags. Wash the trash baskets if soiled. The outdoor trash bins will be brushed and cleaned to prevent ants, flies, and other pests.
3. Thank you for leaving the vent fan running during shower and 20-minutes afterward.
Check for and clean spots in the bathroom and actively prevent mold from forming..

4. Laundry and dryer will be available Sunday through Wednesdays. Usage determined amongst the roommates.
_____ may leave her clothes in there... if she could not return home in time. Please communicate with her and do not touch her clothing. Please wipe off spots and clean the lint vent.
5. The carport yard will be swept regularly by the tenant(s) and the landlord, who take turns.
Clean up after use. Keep the storage doors and interior contents accessible.

6. Bathroom(s) and stairs will be cleaned twice a month by the tenants, who take turns. (Do scrub your toilet.)
7. Close the bedroom and bathroom or other doors when you are not fully clothed.
8. Please do not shower or use the bathroom vent between 11:30PM to 6AM unless communicated before 9PM.

9. Min_ has priority over the kitchen usage. Usually from 5AM to 6:30AM, and from 5:30PM to 6:30PM.
10. The microwave, stove, small oven, boiler oven, stove top, shelves, and handles will be cleaned and wiped after each use. (Proper covers are available for the microwave, please wipe away spots and crumbs each time.) The landlord will clean the refrigerator from time to time, please wipe your shelves and the handles clean.
11. Please take the time to collect crumbs into the trash (and not onto the floor)
and wipe off counters, cabinet doors, and most surfaces with a towel.
Do not leave food out overnight or for over 8 hours. This is to prevent ants and pests in autumns.
12. Kitchen counters, kitchen floor and public area floor need to be cleaned. The landlord or cleaning crew will mop from time to time. If you soil the floor by wearing your outdoor shoes please wipe clean.
12. Tenant(s) will mop the kitchen floor every 2nd and 4th weekend or hire someone to do that. (may change after discussion)
13. Tenant(s) will make sure the recycle trash bins are out on Thursdays and back in its place and keep it clean.
14. The usage of the 1/8 of the freezer, 1 shelf of refrigerator, 1 shelf of kitchen cabinet and counter are covered by the rent.

15. Landlord may have guests.
For the Tenants' benefit, if the guest will arrive before 8AM or will stay overnight, Tenants will be notified 2 business days ahead.

16. Please notify landlord via text at 3888 number at least 3 hours before your guest arrives. The time of the text notification should be according to the received time on the recipients’ phones. The Landlord and other tenant have the right to say "Please meet elsewhere this time."
No more than 1 (one) guest each time. Guests of Tenants should not stay after 11PM.
Be as quiet as possible after 11PM. $5 will be charged for noises.

17. Do not have guest overnight without a 2-day written notice
[sex outside of marriage is highly not preferred.]
Guest(s) staying at the living room sofas or air mattress can be arranged one-week ahead.
The Landlord has the right to reject the request.

When a guest visits for over 30 hours in a month, the landlord will ask for:
1) Two emergency contacts other than the tenants. 2) Medical condition or allergies.
3) Current address, preferably from a photo ID or paystub.

The Landlord has the right to reject a guest's property access.

Laundry See 4.
Carport and Stairs See 5. Stairs and Bathroom(s) See 3, 6 to 8 Kitchen see 9 to 14.

  • Apartment share
  • Laguna Hills
  • 92653
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$850 monthly
small Private bathroom


Minimum term
10 months
Maximum term
36 months

Extra cost

Utilities included?
Fees apply?


Disabled access
Living room
Broadband included

Current household

# roommates
Total # rooms
20 to 59
Any pets?
travelling, volunteering
1 Female, 1 Male

New roommate preferences

Couples OK?
Smoking OK?
Pets OK?
Min age
Max age
Males preferred

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