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Advertising your room


Here's the deal: you've found a great apartment but, to make it affordable, you're going to have to find a roommate.

Thousands of people are in the same situation as you and many have already found great roommates through SpareRoom. Luckily there are always plenty of people looking for a room to rent. Here's our guide to making that process a little smoother.

Be honest in your ad. No-one will thank you for making them trek all the way across town to see a room which isn't anything like the description.

Think about your ad's title. Don't just say "Room to Rent" when you can say something much more descriptive and make your ad stand out in the listings. How much more does "Huge sunny room with wood floors" tell you before you've even clicked? Wouldn't it make your potential roommates more interested in finding out more?

Make the most of the description. This is your chance to tell people why your room is so great. Have a look at a few other ads on SpareRoom and see which you'd click on if you needed a room. Try not to make the description too bland, make people want to come and see your room. Be honest but be creative. Before you post the ad give it a read through and check it for spelling errors.

Don't just sell the room, sell the apartment. Let people know what other amenities they'll have access to, including high speed internet, cable TV, a laundry room or even the view!

Don't just sell the apartment, sell the neighborhood. If there's a great deli on the corner or the coffee shop across the road sells great homemade cookies then mention it. Let people know that yours isn't just a great apartment, it's a great apartment in a fantastic neighborhood. Don't forget to mention transport links here too as people will want to know how they'll get around if they come and live with you.

Use photos and video to make your ad as visually appealing as possible. People respond to pictures - they say much more than you can say in your description. Make sure the rooms are tidy and well lit before you take any photos.

Make it personal. Use your ad to give people an idea of what you're like. After all they're going to be living with you, not just renting a room. Reveal a few of your passions, or tell them what you like doing in the neighborhood. If you're a night owl, say so. Early risers will thank you for having mentioned it before you get the chance to disturb each other's beauty sleep!

But not too personal. Nobody needs to know your innermost thoughts or bodily habits, or how your last relationship ended messily. Keep those things to yourself, for the time being at least.

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Good luck finding your new roommate

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