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What are your options?

Free Ads

  • Advertise your room for free!
  • Inclusion in daily email alerts to room-seekers.
  • Receive email alerts listing room-seekers looking in your area.
  • All the benefits of SpareRoom's unique safety and scam protection features.
  • Free access to SpareRoom's market-leading customer service support centre.

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Bold Ads

  • Rent your room faster Bold Ads enjoy all the benefits of a free ad, plus...
  • Double your inquiries Bold Ads get (on average) twice as many inquiries.
  • Free for ALL to contact you Bold Ads can be contacted from day one without the user requiring Early Bird access.
  • Keep your ad near the top of the listings Bold Ads are ranked higher in the search results than Free Ads.
  • Higher visibility Bold Ads stand out on the search results page.
  • Includes Early Bird Access (?) Early Bird Access is just one benefit of upgrading. With it you can contact all ads on the site as soon as they appear - otherwise you'll have to wait 7 days before you can contact any ads with the Early Bird icon. Find out more »   so you can contact all Room Wanted advertisers

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Pricing and further benefits of upgrading to Bold

Upgrading also gets you Early Bird Access...

  • Have a room to fill? Early Bird Access lets you contact all Room Wanted Ads. Pro-active landlords who contact room-seekers fill their rooms faster than those who sit back and wait for inquiries.
  • Contact all ads Early Bird Access means there are no restrictions on which ads you can contact.
  • Need a room? Competition for good rooms is fierce, particularly in busy areas. Early Bird Access gives you a 7 day head start.
  • 7 days: $9.99
  • 14 days: $14.99
  • 28 days: $19.99
  • 6 months: $69
  • 1 year: $89

What do ads look like?

Example Bold Listing

Example Free Listing

Got more than one property to let out by the room?

For those with more than one property to rent, we offer additional 'top up' listings that you can add onto your bold advertising service at any time. These are priced at a flat rate as an add-on to your existing advertising service and so do not effect the expiry date of your main service. You can begin by placing one advert then add more listings later.

Top up your account with additional listings priced from just $7 each (depending on how much time you have left on your access):

  • Less than 2 weeks: $7 per listing
  • Less than 28 days: $12 per listing
  • Less than 6 months: $19 per listing
  • 6 months to 1 year: $29 per listing

If you need more than 5 live listings, please call us on 1 877 257 4944 for additional savings.

Need any help?

If you need any help, please call us on:

1 877 257 4944 or Contact us by email