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Photo 1: FloorPlan. you will be taking the left bathroom and left bedroom and its walk-in closet zoom
FloorPlan. you will be taking the left bathroom and left bedroom and its walk-in closet

Im looking for a roommate to add on my current lease. my old roommate is planning on moving out sometimes in March. (I don’t have a specific date as of yet) and Im looking for a roommate to take his place on the lease ending in mid December.

the apartment complex is 855 Brannan apartments. They are a classy amazing apartment complex in the design district. the location is extremely strategic in SF. especially for the day to day living. it is close to Costco, wholefoods, trader joes and even target isnt that far. It is in a safe and well lit street and people walk their dogs at night freely all the time.
it is also close to bars and clubs. you can check the address here. 855 Brannan St, San Francisco, CA 94103.

the building is modern. and has amenities such as a gym (which is closed during california lockdown sadly). a small yard downstairs with redwoods and a rooftop with bbq area and fire places. many other things but these are the ones I personally appreciate most.

the apartment is a bit over 1000 ft^2. it is a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom apartment. you'll get the bedroom #1 and its bath (you can see them in the floorplan and the dollhouse view).
the living room and kitchen I have them 80% furnished. Im open to changing stuff around :) so if you have nicer couches or air fryer we can definitely do something about it :D definitely can use more plates and mugs and the like. You can see what the current living room furniture in the pictures.
Your private room/bathroom: you get your own room with walk-in closet and your own bathroom. These are not furnished so you gotta bring your own bed, mattress…etc the washer and dryer are located between your bedroom and bathroom so once every fortnight I’ll use them but other than that you have your own privacy. I can’t take pictures of the bedroom and bathroom right now because they are occupied. But please do check them out on the 3D gallery tour on the website (the 2BR/2BA one)

the rent totals is 2950$. so your share would have been 1475$ per month not including utilities. BUT when we got the lease we got some cool promos including a black friday special. so by dividing the promo rent will be 1308$ per month for each of us. + utilities. pay trash and water to them directly. but electricityand gas/internet/renters insurance. I pay them and you venmo me. I can totally show you receipts of course. I want to build our apartment finances based on trust and transparency.

You will need to pay some application fees for the leasing office to approve you. This is out of my hands.
Oh btw if you have a car you can get a parking garage for 300$ a month paid to the leasing office. I have a spot myself. And I love having a car in here, the design district has ample parking wherever I go, which is definitely not something I expected in SF.
I have a cat. Pet rent is 75$. I pay mine solely of course. regarding pets if you have your own pet that’s great I love animals and my cat is friendly to all other creatures that are not food. but I have to meet your pet to make sure he/she doesn’t trigger some nasty allergic reaction for me because I have weird allergies, usually long hair pets do that and birds and rodents. It varies though per cat and dog. Birds or hamsters or rabbits are a no go.

A bit more about myself. Im 27M gay guy. Originally from the middleeast. I used to live in north bay area but I wanted to take advantage of working remote permanently and to experience some of that sweet city life after covid end. I work as a data analyst for Keysight technologies. I love cats and Im always down to hang out and chill. I am both a bros’ bro and gals’ gal. I also like my personal time where I listen to audiobooks while needlefelting. I love playing videogames but more so watching others play videogames while drinking a hard seltzer or wine in the evenings. I don’t like the outdoors much (why I left north bay). Got into astrology and tarot cards which I don’t constantly and annoyingly talk about I promise but they make for nice party tricks. I am constantly challenging myself with new hobbies ranging from the creative to the applicable skills.

What I want for the apartment: a relative quiet time during usual work hours. Knowing boundaries especially around consumables. Like don’t drink my milk and I wont eat your eggs. If you break something of mine replace it and vice versa. Normal sense of propriety and decorum is a must. My previous roommate was unapologetically entitled and confrontational about it, his way of life is “it is easier to apologize than ask for permission”. which sadly created a very toxic environment. I don’t want that. I am a malleable guy and I want a reasonable roommate who can meet me halfways if we ever didn’t see eye to eye. I’d love for us to be friends and keep each other company during the covid lockdowns!
As I said earlier the living room and kitchen I have them 80% furnished. Im open to changing stuff around :) the walls are empty but we can definitely change that!
What I want in a roommate: has no kids. I’d love a roommate who likes videogames. Also a workout buddy for when the gym opens. Age range around mine (23-33). Bay area native to show me the ropes would be amazing but not necessary. Not overly secluded in their room and want to socialize with me from time to time. Independent and reliable. Like I don’t have to chase you down for rent or “spot you this month”. If you have a green thumb my cat will thank you. Careful about following covid guidelines so our place can stay covid free, but not excessively over the top about it. ideally a gay guy. but as I said Im a bros’ bro and a gals’ gal. so don’t get hang up on that last part.

  • Apartment share
  • Mission District
  • 94103
  • $1,308 monthly (large/private bathroom)


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9 months
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9 months

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