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Christian woman to rent 1 bedroom/1 bath

Ad ref# 102101766

Firm on the monthly price, not negotiable.

$300 Security deposit

I'm looking for a Christian woman renter to move in right away.

You will have a bedroom with a key and bathroom, next to the bedroom, to yourself.  The only furniture in the bedroom is a chest of drawers, desk, chair, and lamp.  I want to keep the chest of drawers and desk in there, the lamp and chair I can take out if you don't want them in the room.  If you don't have a bed I can put 2 single beds in there.  I have two single beds on my porch that move up and down in the head and feet like a hospital bed and I also have a shoe rack on the porch you can use.  I just had an injury to my arm, slip and fall at a business, I can't move my left arm that much so I can't lift anything heavy.  I won't be able to put the beds in there right away.  If you are willing to lift the 2 beds with the help of my son into the room then you're welcome to but if not you would have to wait until my arm is a lot better for me to bring the beds in the room.  I have two dollies and sliders for furniture so when you put the sliders under the furniture all you have to do is push the furniture. The only lifting would be the step up from the porch to the living room.  I need to clean the beds once they are in the room because they have been on the porch for a few years.  I have air mattresses you can use until the beds are clean and ready to use.  I did not put the beds in the room already because I don't know if the person that will rent from me already has a bed or not.  My son used to live with me and wanted to get a queen-size bed instead of the two singles so he put them on the porch and when he moved out he gave his bed to my other son.  We will share the kitchen, living room and porch.  Your monthly payment includes: Gated security {safe neighborhood}, Internet, laundry use {except laundry detergent}, central electric, water, garbage, locked mailbox {you won't get a key to the mailbox but I do check the mail two to three times a week and would never open anyone's mail, if you tell me you are expecting mail that is important then I will check the mail every day it's delivered, I will leave your mail in the kitchen}, cable TV with several channels, 5 additional pools, use of everything at the Clubhouse: olympic size pool, large jacuzzi, tennis court, basketball, billiard tables, ping pong, shuffleboard, sauna, gym, library with two computers to use with internet, nice new furniture in the clubhouse and TV, and piano.  The Clubhouse is right across the street with a small restaurant that serves breakfast and lunch and there are lots of events there.  There are lots of lakes in this community, including a lake in the back of the house and across the street.  Your welcome to fish!  I can tell you local places that give out free food.

I'm looking for a roommate that is a born again Protestant Christian, only Protestant.  I'm looking for someone that does not smoke at all, does not drink alcohol and does not use any profanity and you are living your life according to the King James Bible, God's only true words on Earth {spoken by Jesus Christ to David Taylor}.  I want a roommate that is serious about your relationship with God.  I will be asking you questions that only a born again Christian would know to make sure you really are a Christian because I had a roommate say they are Christian and is not a Christian. 

I ask that you:

Lock the front door!

Turn off lights that you're not using.

If you decide to put a window AC in the room then you will have to pay the additional electricity per month.

Don't flush baby wipes down the toilet {I had a flood in the house with both toilets.  A plumber told me baby wipes clog the pipes,  even if they say flushable, they are not flushable.  I use baby wipes to clean my dogs and myself, I keep a separate plastic bag next to the toilet to put the baby wipes in.

Don't leave dirty dishes, cups and silverware in the room for several days or weeks {it causes bugs and worms}.

Clean up after yourself in the rooms we will share: kitchen, living room and porch.

When you move in the room and the bathroom will be clean.  When you move out I ask that you leave the room and the bathroom the same way, clean. 

I will give you a picture of my license and would like a picture of yours.

I don't want what I had with my first renter:

Using profanity

A smoker

Coming home drunk twice at 3:30 am and losing the keys to the front door, waking me up at 3:30 am to answer the door.

Sleeping outside twice right in front of the front door because of being drunk.

Crashed a car in the front of the house because of being drunk.

Using my things without asking {I don't mean dishes, cups, silverware, pots and pans, no need to ask to use these things.  I don't mind someone using my things if they ask me first.  I don't take what is not mine.}

Leaving lights on everyday when not using them, when not in the room and not home.

Not locking the front door!

Acting like my mom and dad asking me what time I will be home and what am I doing when I'm texting someone and looking out the window.

When moved out left the bathroom and the bedroom very dirty. 

Any age is welcome!  I have 2 Chihuahuas and a cat.  Pets are welcome, no reptiles except turtles.  I'm renting on a month to month.  A friend of mine is going to be coming to live with me from another country and I'm planning to move up north but I don't know when for both.  I will give you 1 months notice to find another place when I know my friend is coming or I'm moving, whichever comes first.  A month should be more than enough time to find another place.  I'm a middle-aged woman and an easy going person.  I stay out of other people's business.  I don't like loud noises, I don't blast the radio or the TV, you won't have to be concerned with loud noises from me.

You're welcome to bring people to the house if you like, as long as they can be trusted.  You're welcome to have a weekly Bible study at the clubhouse, I wouldn't mind in my house but I know my Chihuahuas will bark if there are people they don't know. 

  • House share
  • West Palm Beach
  • 33411
  • $650 monthly (large/private bathroom)


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