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Twin/single bed with fridge, AC (optional), workspace, 5g, ethernet, closet, full-length mirror, whi

Bnb-style on 5th floor of elevator building by trains ABC123. Bosch W/D. Fios 5G. Netflix. Housekeeping. Rent share covers everything.

The location:

The apartment is on 104th between Columbus and Amsterdam.

The school is 11 blocks North (10-15 min)
The park is 2.5 blocks East (5-10 min)
The 1 train is 1.5 blocks West (5 min)
The C, B (and A late night) is 2 blocks East (5-8 min)
The 2, 3 trains are 10 blocks South (10-15 min)
Midtown is 5 stops South on local (15 min)

All the typical conveniences are nearby, including delis, bodegas, pharmacies, grocery stores, fitness studios, live performance venues, bars, and a variety of restaurants. The Columbus Square shopping center is a few minutes' walk South on Columbus, where there's a Whole Foods, cafes and shopping.

The neighborhood is diverse and is home to a lot of families and people of all ages. It’s quieter than the touristy areas south of here or the party scene to the north. It’s the perfect escape if you need a break from the bustle of Midtown or are looking for a relaxing place to study.

The rooms:

I have two spare rooms (a slightly larger queen room and a slightly smaller twin room). They are each roughly 100 square feet (9.3 sq m). Both are fully furnished and decorated.

Each room has its own closet with space for clothes, includes a dorm fridge (Igloo), and has window A/C (Frigidaire) for the summer and steam heat in the winter. Each room has a desk and chair, a nightstand, a full length mirror, wooden hangers, a small storage dresser for clothes, and various essentials.

The common areas:

There are 2 bathrooms split between 4 rooms, so you will share a bathroom with one (1) roommate. I check on that bathroom once a week to make sure it's clean and has a full supply of towels and soap, but otherwise I don't use it. In the meantime, please be considerate of your roommate and try to leave the bathroom as you found it, and let me know if there's anything that needs attention.

The common area includes the kitchen, living room, and laundry area. All kitchen appliances, silverware, flatware, etc are available for your use, as are laundry supplies.

The apartment:

This is a 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom, 1000 sq ft apartment in an elevator building.

Half the apartment is walled by exposed brick and the floors are all hardwood. The decor style is somewhere between mid-century modern and industrial modern, and is themed by the room.

It is a common household (everyone technically has access to all parts of the space) but all doorknobs have push-button locks for privacy.

The building:

This building is prewar construction but has an elevator. The apartment itself is recently renovated, but much of the original molding and finishes in the public spaces are intact.

The neighbors are all very nice and friendly. Everyone looks out for each other. Also, you don't have to tiptoe around neighbors or the building super. Roommates are allowed by NYC public policy. You are a legal resident.

None of the party apartments are adjacent to this one. There's one on the 4th floor on the other side of the building, but you can only hear them with the window open on Friday nights.

There's an oboist across the alley, an operatic baritone above us, and a show tune tenor two floors down, all who practice in the afternoons but you can only hear them a little with the window open.

Noise levels in the neighborhood and building are decent for Manhattan, especially for the guest rooms which don't face the street, and especially with windows closed. (That said, for those accustomed to quieter parts of the country, I include white noise generators in each room and have disposable earplugs available.)

The atmosphere:

This is a chill-house, not a party-house. We do our best to cultivate a library-like atmosphere inside so people can study, especially during exam season.

We have no TVs and no cable TV service is available in this apartment.

Couples are welcome. I will ask share of expenses be adjusted by 15% and I must OK it with existing roommate if that applies.

About us:

We're all both professionals and grad students at Columbia and City College, both a short walk from the apartment.

Elizabeth is a 32-year-old property manager for a commercial building in Bryant Park and enjoys running, reading, and watching Netflix.

Nikita is completing her masters at the school. She enjoys making new friends, cooking, and traveling.

Tyler is a 32-year-old software engineer and research assistant working at two labs in the city. He enjoys running, biking, and writing music.

We have no requirements in regards to race, sex, gender, nationality, religion, politics, age, ability, occupation, or lifestyle. Our only personal requirements are that you are respectful of others.

House rules:

Please do not smoke indoors (vaping is OK)
Please respect the privacy of others' bedrooms
Please avoid excessive noise
Please don't redecorate your room
Please don't bring tons of stuff
Please only put recycling in the recycling bin
Please don't hoard common supplies in your room
Please ask if you wish to have guests over


One set of keys per bedroom will be provided: a building key and an apartment key.

Replacement keys cost $75 for the building key and $25 for the apartment key. I require more lead time to provide building keys since they're digitally encoded and I have to purchase them from the landlord.

In short, please don't lose your keys!

Amenities list:

Air conditioning
Hair dryer
Curling iron
Steam iron
Grocery stroller
Washer (Bosch)
Dryer (Bosch)
All laundry supplies
Hot water
Filtered water
Essential toiletries and sanitary products
Bed linens
2.4g WiFi (max 150 Mb)
5g WiFi (max 600 Mb)
Ethernet (max 1 Gb)
Laptop friendly workspace
All kitchen supplies
French press coffee maker
Espresso machine
Food processor
Dishes and silverware
All cooking tools
Gas oven
Gas stove
Free street parking
Paid parking off premises
Single level home
Luggage drop-off allowed
Fire extinguishers
Smoke detectors
Carbon monoxide detectors

Central air (it may go without saying but just in case):

Like most older construction in NYC, this building has no central air. In warmer months, we install window A/C units in each room which provide a greater degree of temperature regulation, however if you prefer to open your window, we can remove the A/C.

In cooler months, the building is heated by steam radiators. Generally, in the Winter the ambient temperature in the guest rooms hovers around 72-75 F (22-24 C) with the windows closed. For more heat, just let us know so we can open the steam riser vents.

Legal stuff:

This listing is not for a sublet, co-tenancy, or transient housing arrangement. We (the tenants) live here. This is a 30-day minimum listing for a roommate (non-transient occupant) who will live with us (the tenants) in a market-rate, common household (no interior keyed locks) apartment, and whose name is provided to the landlord within 30 days of move-in, in accordance with New York Consolidated Laws, Real Property Law RPP 235-f and in full compliance with Office of Special Enforcement guidelines, our building's Certificate of Occupancy, New York Multiple Dwelling Law, Fair Housing Laws, and the explicit terms of our lease, under continued advisement of our attorneys and those of the property owner.

  • Apartment share
  • Manhattan Valley
  • 10025
  • 103 St Station
    (5-10 minutes walk)
  • $1,880 monthly (large)
  • $1,780 monthly (small)
  • $1,680 monthly (NOW LET)
  • $2,200 monthly (NOW LET)


Minimum term
1 month
Maximum term
36 months
  • Short rentals considered

Extra cost

(Room 1)
(Room 2)
Utilities included?
Fees apply?


Disabled access
Living room
Broadband included

Current household

# roommates
Total # rooms
32 to 37
Any pets?
Jogging in Central Park, reading, cooking, studying, board games, acoustic guitar
2 Females, 1 Male

New roommate preferences

Couples OK?
Smoking OK?
Pets OK?
Don't mind
Min age
Max age
Males or females
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