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Private spacious bedroom and shared bath for rent

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Hi there!

Key points: private bedroom and shared bathroom, pets okay, 1 parking space for you, washer and dryer right outside our back door (not coin operated,) porch.

I'm renting out a bedroom in my 2 bed/1 bath unit in Koreatown, quiet dead end street. Your room is private, the bathroom is shared. The room is spacious, has a window bench that opens up for storage, fits a queen bed and computer desk with room to spare. The layout of the unit is nice, the kitchen and bathroom are away from the bedrooms down the hallway so there's a good amount of privacy. We don't have central air but I have a portable air conditioning unit that you can keep in your room (there's also one in the living room) that cools the room down great. And heat is from a wall heater in the living room. No smoking (anything) on the property, but you're welcome to go right outside the front gate to smoke. We have a small basement. Full kitchen with dining table in the kitchen.

The unit is a part of a large house property (our unit has its own front and back entrances) and we have our own porch, a shared front lawn and back area. Charming house built in 1905, high ceilings, baseboards and wood trim around doors,
Rent is $1250 everything included (utilities, internet, soap, cleaning supplies, toilet paper, paper towels.) Pets of all kinds are welcome. I don't have any (my cat passed away in September) but I'd be more than thrilled to welcome your fur/scale kids here. There's a neighborhood cat that like to hang out inside sometimes and occasionally my best friend brings her cat over, but if your pets aren't cat friendly they don't have to come in.

I have a garden (flowers and herbs/vegetables) in the front lawn and am about to start one in the back as well - if you like gardening you're more than welcome to use the space to garden too!

Musicians welcome, there's a drumset downstairs you're welcome to play (but no loud noise outside of 9am-9pm per the landlord.) I don't play often anymore - but point being, feel free to plug in your amps etc to do your music stuff.

A little about me: I'm a thirty year old woman, friendly and welcoming to all people regardless of gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, etc. I'm into gardening, animals, nerdy stuff, and music. I don't party, but potentially like to have people over on my birthday and Halloween (though that mainly consists of people playing board games and video games.) My best friend comes over maybe once a week or so. I'm currently out of work (I'm a server) until May 1st, waiting on my second COVID vaccine which I get on March 31st. I'm immunocompromised, so please be mindful of regular covid precautions. I also live stream on Twitch 4 days a week (Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday) so during those times I'll be hogging the living room (where the video games are), but aside from that you're welcome to hang out in the living room. Feel free to have friends over (within reason.) If your significant other is going to be living there as well then monthly rent will be differently priced, but understandable if they stay the night from time to time.

Please be neat. I don't care how your keep your room, but shared areas (living room, kitchen, bathroom) are expected that you clean up after yourself/share chores. I don't expect you to clean up after me and vice versa. I have a white board that my old roommate and I would use to keep track of whose turn it is to take out trash/etc and that seemed to work the best.

I'm vegan, you don't have to be, but if you cook meat please have your own pots and pans that you use for that (non meat stuff, you're welcome to use my cooking utensils.) I promise I'm not going to try and convert you, I'm not "one of those" ;P.

Whether you want to be social roommates or if you just prefer keeping to yourself in your room, I'm okay with either arrangement. Your privacy is respected in either case, and it's up to you how present you want to be. Open to as short a 3 month term or a 12 month lease (and longer, if we get on?) Feel free to message me and ask any questions/ etc!

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  • Koreatown
  • 90006
  • $1,250 monthly (large)


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12 months

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