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Large 1 bedroom in a spacious 2 bed unit for rent!

Ad ref# 102200389

Photo 1: Panorama of room with furniture (will be unfurnished.) zoom
Panorama of room with furniture (will be unfurnished.)

Hi there! I'm looking for a roommate to move in to and share my 2 bed/1 bath. You'd have your own private bedroom and we'd share the other common areas, (living room, kitchen, and bathroom.) $1400, utilities, household cleaning supplies, toilet paper, paper towels, and internet included. We live in a rent control zone, so there's a cap on how much rent can be raised each year (generally 3%-4%.) You'd have your own parking spot in the back of our gated property. We have a porch and a garden in front that I tend (you're welcome to garden too if you enjoy it!) Washer and dryer (not coin operated) right outside our unit's back entrance off the bathroom. It's on a dead end residential street that stays pretty quiet. Our upstairs and rear neighbors are friendly and issue free. No central air, but there's a portable A/C unit in the room you will be renting for your use that gets the room nice and chilly. I can take it out of there if you don't want it, or have your own though. Room comes unfurnished - pics of my first roommate's set up to show the size of the room. It's a pretty large room, the bed in the picture is a queen. Can easily fit a queen, a desk, wardrobe, with room to spare.

A bit about me and living here: I'm not a neat freak but lean closer to that spectrum than messy, especially in common areas (ex: leaving dishes temporarily is fine, after 24 hours not so cool. Clean the stove after you use it, we rotate taking out the trash, etc. Basically just clean up after yourself and we're cool.)
I don't throw parties on the regular, but Halloween/birthdays is an occasion I tend to celebrate - but they're not ragers. Sometimes I have 3-4 friends over for video/board game nights, the loudest we get is laughter and friendly trash talk.

I don't drink or smoke, but that's fine if you do (though smoking specifically only outside, not in the unit. Cigarettes have to be smoked outside the gate, per the landlord.) Quite liberal, lgbt+ friendly, not discriminatory as far as race, gender, etc etc etc - if you don't hold the same morals this isn't the home for you. No anti-vaxxers or people who don't take our current health pandemic seriously. I'm just getting over my first bout with COVID, so you don't have to worry about me bringing it home anytime soon. I'm immunocompromised so I appreciate transparency and responsibility on that front.

32 year old single female - I slightly prefer another female roommate, but only because 3 out of 3 of the men I've lived with have been messy and not good at cleaning. But if you're into having a clean home and picking up after yourself then I'm open otherwise.

Sometimes friends come over for game or movie night (you're welcome to join if that's your thing!) I'm a geek, we play video games, D&D, etc. Also a musician - I have guitars in my room and a drumset in the basement. I don't play loud (usually with headphones) and it's infrequent when I play, but musicians absolutely welcome here (just keep loud noise from 9am-9pm.)
I stream myself playing video games 4 days a week, so there are certain times and days I need the living room, but other than that you're welcome to use the tv (there's Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, and Prime on the living room tv) and video game systems to your liking. You're welcome to socialize or keep to yourself in your room, whatever you feel most comfortable with and are looking for. I have introverted tendencies so I totally get keeping to yourself if that's your thing. Basically if either of us are in our rooms, I take that as a signal that it's personal time not to be disturbed.
(Stream schedule is roughly Tuesday and Wednesday, 6PM ~ 12AM, Friday and Saturday 7PM ~ 12AM.)

A fully stocked kitchen, with the exception that I'm vegan and would prefer you to have your own pans for cooking meat/cheesy stuff =). You can use any of my cookware for anything else, though! Non judgmental and I don't care about your diet or you cooking it in the house, I just want my cookware separate. You'll have your own half of the walk in pantry for your stuff/groceries. I have a basic pan and cutting board for meat, but that's it.

Occasionally I'll have someone spend the night or stay a few days from out of town (in my room.) That's totally okay if you do the same! I just ask you don't have someone overnight every day of the week on the regular. It's 2022, people have significant others, I'm not a stickler for your partner coming over and spending the night. Once in a blue moon a friend will crash on the couch if we went to a concert late night, etc.

Please be clean. I don't care how your room is, but I like the kitchen and bathroom to be clean. Shoes off on the carpet, sweep/mop if you spill in the kitchen, be mindful of how you leave the toilet, etc. If you pee standing up, be mindful of where it ends up and if it needs cleaning, and so on. I'm not OCD but I've found that a lot of people are messier than they think they are. If we need to go in halfsies on a maid every two weeks I'm down.

Pets welcome. My kitty companion passed a few weeks ago, so I'm more than happy to welcome your furry or scaley babies in the house and give them a cool aunt ;).

It's long winded, but I figure for roommate arrangements it's better to be totally transparent to see if we're a good fit or not before we're stuck with each other! Communication is important to me as a roommate and I like to think I'm easy going (if you have any issues or if I'm loud, I'd want you to tell me so I can keep quiet or adjust whatever I do that bothers you!)

Landlord will do a credit check and potential background check before approving. Credit check isn't super stringent, and if you have proof of reliable income you'll be fine.

Let me know if you have any questions!

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